Sweet Chin Music (Winter Demo 2010)

by Bearhug

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This our first demo. It was made in the winter of 2010


released December 11, 2010



all rights reserved


Bearhug Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Babybear Everyday (The General State of our Well-being)
Turn off all the lights and shut off my alarm, take me to bed. I've never felt sleepier. We could sleep for days, like a polar bear in a snow cave… warm and buried. A home to harbor the weary. I'm ready to pass out anywhere. I'm sick of the winter… and waiting. Please don't wake me till there's warmth in the open air.
Track Name: Marty Janetty
In your light there's nothing but to be, just ordinary. Somehow you think I shine too, I never feel that way… but thank you anyway. Like a candle in the sun or brand new skeleton laughing at my broken bones, in a pile next to your feet. I want to take you right to the boardwalk air at the beach of New Jersey, where nothing is heavy. You swim to the shore line, you look like Calipso, you beckon me closer. Since I hate the ocean I only go up to my knees, so I stare till my eyes burn.
Track Name: Zorro
Last night I called you from the road, on my way to california. Could you hear me at all? Where you even on the phone… I think I lost you to surrounding signals. I'de love to hear your voice but it's just a recording. Not sure when I'll be home (…I called you anyway). Please talk. So I heard you made your plans to end in San Francisco where you'd stop and take some photographs. "Hear I am, on my own, I've got so much to tell you!" …So I made my plans and said "fuck it" , let's get into it. I turned my feet towards the door, I didn't want to wait anymore. It's been a long three weeks with out you around and I think you'd like it here. So I called…
Track Name: Bad Dogs
I'll be whatever you ask for, your guts on the dance floor (cuz I need the sight of you to be all right). If you spit into my hand, I'll spit into your hand. I'm sick of feeling lonely, it feels right to have you right by me. I feel your hunger, I feel your heartbeat, I see you breath deep… I feel your pulse and I hate to dance alone. I see your shoulder shake, I watch your eyes close… I see the pulse in your bone. I hate to dance alone. In this small room our feet get closer, our hips get closer, then our lips get closer… oh I hate to dance alone. …but if the dance floor suddenly moves, and I call your name… will you answer? I'll be what ever you ask for… good, giving, game and more. Then kiss you on the dance floor.
Track Name: Today was Heavy, Tomorrow will be Better
My remains are at my door, they chill my cozy bones and blow acid wind through my third story window. Just like a ghost, you're off with my golden wheels, into the night… off to oblivion. So I lock my doors to keep all the ghosts. They keep me from sleeping (I hear that that's normal). If you seek beneath our floors, a treasure that was not yours… thief you've been warned.